With a sense of the innate beauty of any place, we compose rich and diverse natural environments that respond to a property’s composition and purpose.

Working closely with architects, our landscapes reflect the spirit of a home’s design and offer a unique interpretation of the terrain. We compose garden spaces that thrive throughout the year with beauty and grace, always considering a garden’s temporal flow, its adaptability to a client’s changing needs, and how these will affect our clients and the natural world. We vigilantly adhere to the guiding principle that a landscape should respond to its adjacent architecture and its social and natural histories.

Our commitment to green design and our respect for the social and environmental impact of a site are primary considerations in our work. Enhancing the beauty of the natural world comes with a commitment to doing it with respect for the site’s history and native elements, minimizing negative impacts on the environment. We calculate our annual carbon footprint and offset our use of electricity and fossil fuels through TerraPass, whose programs help reduce greenhouse gases, support clean energy, and restore freshwater ecosystems.

We are partnered with DBI Construction Consulting to provide estimating and appraisal services for the insurance market. We travel nationally from Puerto Rico to Hawaii, strengthening our expertise in tropical plants, storm resilience, resorts, and golf courses, continually enriching our fluency in high end hospitality.

Horn & Co. is a Washington DC landscape architecture and horticultural firm specializing in the design and implementation of high-end residential and commercial gardens throughout Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, and New York state.

We believe that built landscapes can coexist with the natural world,

thriving and providing joy to our clients and the species that live there.

We want the design experience to be enjoyable, invigorating, and

educational for our clients, leaving them with a sense of peace and wonder.

— Jennifer Horn

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