We have worked in a variety of climates and terrains from small properties to large commercial environments, always striving to create a place that can benefit future generations. We enhance rather than overwhelm an environment while keeping a close eye on our impact on native species and wildlife. We want the beauty of nature to tell the story of how people gather and celebrate on terraces and pergolas, in sports areas and swimming pools, community gardens and more intimate places like herb gardens and potagers. We believe in the restorative serenity of nature and always let it speak first.


We keep a necessary emphasis on responsible landscape design. Horn & Co. works with clients to deliver the best green design solutions for projects of all scopes and sizes. From minimizing stormwater to working with gardeners on organic techniques, our mission is to respect and restore the surrounding environment.


Choosing the most site-appropriate plantings and keeping them thriving is a core tenet of Horn & Co. We work with contractors to ensure the plants are healthy after installation and that we have had a minimal impact on local ecosystems