Alexandria Mid Century

The Charles Goodman-designed Severeid House invited us to create a garden that reflected the home’s mid-century aesthetic. Architect Michael Cook designed the addition. Throughout, we worked with plants that evoke the mid-century gardens in Miami or Plam Springs. To establish the entry garden, we incorporated repurposed brick pavers to create a raised bed with a steel water rill and fountain element. The textural plantings offset the strong geometry of bluestone paving, set against horsetail reeds. In the rear, a lap pool is surrounded by a flat plane of grass, planted with native species such as Bottlebrush Buckeye, Viburnum, Fothergilla, purple Alliums, and Summersweet. The manicured and cultivated spaces throughout the garden are both lush and serene, creating a sanctuary within the city. 

This project won the 2022 Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) Gold Award, the 2022 Virginia American Society of Landscape Architects Award, and the 2021 LCA Excellence in Landscape Award.