House on Willow Hill

This bucolic property included a circa-1800s cabin which our clients wanted to preserve while building their new BVA-design modern English country house with interiors by Lauren Liess. The property would include a new greenhouse and a barn for alpacas and small horses. These four buildings form a loose axis, with each diagonal engaging its opposite. To make the structures speak to each other through landscaping that felt inevitable, we established a terrace at the cabin that felt rustic and improvised, with irregular bluestone pavers laid with varying joint sizes where pockets of perennials peek through. An antique millstone was repurposed as a small water bubbler. An allée of Crabapples travels the driveway and drifts of Boxwood and Sweetbox line the beds of the front façade. The pool is bounded by a perennial border to offer color and in more distant beds, deer-resistant plants establish the boundary of this magnificent property.