Raised in the United States, Malaysia, and Turkey, Jennifer was inspired by the variety of climates and landscapes in which she lived along with the distinction of place. With projects in climates as diverse as the Caribbean, Rocky Mountains, Spain, Greece, and Hawaii she has solidified her expertise in working with native species and environments while furthering a commitment to having minimal impact on the health of ecosystems and habitats.

Jennifer studied horticulture at Virginia Tech and earned a Master’s in Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia. Prior to opening her own practice, she worked in New York, designing zoo exhibits for the Bronx Zoo; developing the ecological program for Fresh Kills Park on behalf of New York’s Department of City Planning; and designing gardens, estates, and parks for Edmund Hollander Landscape Architect and Deborah Nevins Associates.

Jennifer has written for Horticulture Magazine and has taught at Columbia University’s Landscape Design Certificate Program and Graduate School USA’s Landscape Design Certificate Program.

Jennifer is a regionally licensed landscape architect in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, and is a ISA Certified Arborist. Since founding her own practice in 2009, she has continued to design luxury landscapes for residences, communities, and resorts, and has been named by Washingtonian Magazine as a “woman to watch”.

Jennifer lives in Arlington with her spouse and two children.

Kara Lanahan


Devoted to weaving the ecological and cultural history of a site into her work, Kara creates spaces that are experientially rich, ecologically activated, and timelessly beautiful. With over 10 years of experience in the field at several prestigious firms, including Oehme van Sweden, she has designed and managed a diverse mix of residential, commercial, and institutional projects. She studied Environmental Science and Biology at Colby College and spent the next four years working in environmental consulting with a focus on ecological damage assessment before returning to the University of Virginia for her Masters of Landscape Architecture.



Working towards the balance between science and art in her design, Allie takes into consideration the aesthetic, social, and ecological impact of any work done in a living, breathing environment. From working in the field and in nurseries she has learned the importance of mathematics and science in responsible design. Whether it’s understanding the relationship of different plant species, calculating the angle of a hill, or figuring out the required length of a winding path, she believes these technical details are essential in creating plans that are functional, seamless, and gracefully beautiful.

Allie is a 2020 graduate if the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture.



Bringing her love of native plants, sustainability, and beautiful design to her residential work, Angela creates highly personalized spaces for the firm’s clients. With over 15 years of experience in landscape architecture, she designs at a wide range of scales from edible garden designs to master plans. She spent several years at a conservation nonprofit that focused on protecting ecologically significant places before returning to school to pursue her landscape architecture education. This experience, coupled with her curiosity about the natural world and desire for a creative path, weaves into her design process and viewpoint. Angela previously worked at landscape firms including Michael Vergason Landscape Architects, Ltd. and Love & Carrots in the DC area. She earned her Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia and Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Notre Dame.



Iyanla is a junior landscape designer who is inspired by creating spaces that restore nature in urban areas and that provide opportunities for all people through aesthetically pleasing designs. From a young age, she realized that her passions for design and the wonders of nature could be combined into a career as a landscape designer, creating spaces that spoke to both the rigors of design and the elegant use of plantings for a holistic experience of home. She graduated in 2022 from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture.



Max is a 2023 graduate of Penn State University, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture. During his time there he gained an appreciation for the effects that good design practices can have on a community. Studying abroad provided him with the opportunity to travel to many European cities, including Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Berlin. After exploring the strong presence landscape architecture has at the roots of these historic cities, he knew he wanted to incorporate these lessons in his career. Max joined Horn & Co. in August 2023, where his keen interest in ecological design is shared by every member of the firm.

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    Organizing and multi-tasking, Rose is always working towards achieving optimal results. She is a trilingual (Spanish, English, Italian) project manager with extensive experience in the design, implementation and monitoring of projects. Rose holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Universidad del Pacifico, Peru.

    After Ica’s devastating earthquake in 2007, Rose traveled with a group of MIT students to the site to provide support to the affected people in the area. She was fascinated by the realization of how efficient urban planning could diminish the magnitude of the catastrophic effects of natural disasters. Rose is glad to now be part of the Horn & Co. team, which puts so much thought and effort into the design of landscapes that blend harmoniously with the natural world.

  • Tobias Matus-Bond


    Toby joined Horn & Co. as a landscape designer in February 2024 with experience in architecture and community planning. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture where his passion for gardening drove his interest outside of the building, into site design and urban ecology. Raised in Kenya, he values the stewardship of trees, promoting biodiversity, and building healthy soil. Toby believes that landscape design, from residential gardens to parks and playgrounds, plays a crucial role in wellbeing of people, their communities, wildlife, and the watershed. In the fall of 2024, he will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture.